Step Tracking in Version 1.3

In version 1.3, Quantifier can take advantage of the fitness tracking capability of the iPhone 5S. This allows you to track the number of step you have taken each day, and use Quantifier’s plotting and statistics capabilities to learn more about your habits.


Simply go into Settings and flip the switch to enable Step Tracking. If you don’t see a switch, this means that you don’t have a new enough iPhone to take advantage of this feature.

Throughout the day, when you open up the Steps quantifier, you will see the current day’s step count, updated automatically. If you walk while you have this plot visible, you can pull to refresh the step count.

There is no need to manually add data, so that is disabled. If you have an existing log of your step data, simply create a csv file called “Steps.csv” and import it into Quantifier as described in a previous blog post. Quantifier will enable daily step tracking and will add to your existing dataset.

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